About Us

The story so far...

Harvey's Boat Company is the brainchild and lifelong dream of Brendan Harvey, a qualified Shipwright with over20 years experience. When Brendan began his career straight out of school, with a passion for woodworking and classic timber boats, little did he know that he would start his Shipwright apprenticeship in his home town of Mildura on the mighty Murray River.

Inland Australia is not the first place you would expect an apprentice Shipwright to be learning this age old art. But, for the next 11 years, Brendan worked along the full length of the Murray, honing his Shipwright skills and quenching his thirst for knowledge of wooden boats. During this time, Brendan repaired, restored and even captained some of the oldest and largest wooden paddle steamers still operating in the world today.

It was later in Brendan's career on the Murray River, where he moved into building Houseboats, which expanded his skills in modern materials. This new found knowledge and thirst for more experience, saw Brendan follow his dreams, and in the late 2000's, he packed up his tools and moved to the city, settling in the Williamstown area on Port Phillip Bay and getting to know the great boatbuilders and shipwrights of the area.

Brendan started working alongside, studying and observing the ways of the old salts, and with the old school knowledge he learned from working with the large wooden paddle steamers, and the wisdom and ways of the coastal shipwrights, it wasn't long before he earned the respect of his peers and has been providing quality Shipwright services to the Melbourne area since.

lt was the next (and most exciting) chapter in Brendan's life, that brings us to today, and the birth of...

~ Harvey's Boat Company ~ Est. 2017 ~